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Comprehensive web site for thyroid issues
Medical information finder
 Radiation Health Effects Research Resource
Chernobyl Ten Years on Radiological and Health Impact, NEA
Talk with the medical experts,  Mayo Clinic
World Health Organization
National Institutes of Health

A Belarus Miscellany
A Virtual Guide to Belarus
The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus
Minsk in Your Pocket

Directorand complete guide to Ukraine
Another comprehensive guide to Ukraine
US Department of State Background Notes
World Factbook: Ukraine

United States - web sites are found under "group listing"
Canadian Relief Fund for Chernobyl Victims in Belarus
Canadian Aid for Chernobyl
Chernobyl Children's Project, Ireland
Mission in East, Sweden
Chernobyl Children LifeLine, England
Charities and organisations in the UK helping Chernobyl victims
Kakashi to Chernobyl, Japan

U.S. Embassy in Minsk
U.S. Embassy in Kiev
Embassy of the Republic of Belarus, Washington, DC
Embassy of the Russian Federation
Embassy of Ukraine
U.S. State Department
United Nations in Belarus
United Nations in Ukraine

There are extensive Chernobyl listings under the various web sites listed under About Belarus and About Ukraine. 
 Dr. Meshkati's page on Chernobyl
The Chernobyl Journal
Virtual Guide to Belarus
The Accident and its Progress since 1986

Online translation service
Transparent Language -- language and learning tools
Lending library, Center for Russia, East Europe and Central Asia, Univ. Wisconsin-Madison
Information on international adoptions (Belarus, Ukraine, Russia)

Russia Today, daily online newspaper with info on CIS
RFE/RFL Newsline
CNN - World Europe
Washington Post  - Belarus
Washington Post  - Ukraine
Poland/Belarus/Ukraine Report (RFE/RFL)
Inside World - customize your news reports

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