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The materials included in this packet may be used as is, or modified to meet your community group‚s focus.  If modified, they should be personalized with your group‚s name/logo.

Governing Documents 
    There are a number of organizational documents that need to be developed that will define the kind of organization you wish to establish.  Spending time at the beginning will create fewer headaches and will make for a more effective and efficient program.  These documents include: Articles of Incorporation, By-laws, Memorandum of Understanding, Form 1023 Application for Recognition of Exemption, political activity, etc.  These can be used as a model in preparing ones for your group. Each state has its own laws, so be sure to check out what is required for your particular state.

Coordinator Position Descriptions
    This document contains a job description for several coordinator positions (Host Family Coordinator, Fundraising Coordinator, etc.) That you will find helpful in your program.  As your group develops, you will change these descriptions and develop them to meet your particular needs.  You will soon find out that one person can‚t do it all!

Fundraising Handbook
    This is a compilation of materials that have been put together that you may find useful in establishing your fundraising events.  Several groups have described their most effective fund raising ideas.

Host Family Forms
    These forms facilitate the host family selection process. 

  • Host Family Application
  • Host Family Commitment
  • Reference Check
  • Home Visit Interview
  • Background Check

Chernobyl Children Documents
    These documents are bi-lingual (English and Russian) for the convenience of both the American host family and the child‚s family.  These papers need to be filled out completely by the children‚s families and brought with them when they arrive in the U.S.  They include a Medical Release Form without which medical treatment cannot be provided in the U.S. 

  • Parent/Guardian Consent for Health Care
  • Description of Family and Family Needs
  • Medical History
  • Child‚s Interests and Biographical Data
  • Standards of Conduct for International Program Participants 
  • Visiting in the U.S.

Medical Forms

  • Weigh-In/Out:  You may be interested in seeing how much weight the children gain.  One way to do this is to bring the same scale to the airport for both the children‚s arrival and for their departure. Or, have the host family weigh the child at their home upon arrival and again on day of departure.
  • Medical Follow-up Report: This bi-lingual form informs the Chernobyl child‚s family on the results of dental, medical and vision check-ups.  Attach any medical papers to this so the family has complete records.
  • Sample Medicine Care Package: The most important gift that can be sent back with the Chernobyl children is over-the-counter medicines and multivitamins.  The amount will vary from group to group. 


  • Health insurance description: CofCUSA negotiates health insurance coverage to secure the best policy for the Chernobyl children‚s U.S. visit.  Included is a copy of last year‚s coverage.
  • Why should non-profits have insurance?: This WA State document is provided because it addresses a lot of issues that groups need to be knowledgeable about.  Check with your State Insurance Commissioner's office for a similar document.

Sample Letter of Invitation
    Once you know how many children you will be bringing to the U.S., your partner will give you their names (as they appear on their passport) and their date of birth.  This information needs to go in the letter of invitation (on your group‚s letterhead) to your partner.  Check with your partner to see how the letter is to be received: the original copy sent over, or to send it by FAX.  This letter is required by the U.S. Embassy and will be given to them when visas are applied for.

Chaperon Packet
     Each chaperon/interpreter should be given this set of documents before arrival in the U.S.  In this way, they are better prepared for the role that is expected of them.

  • Expectations of Chaperon/Interpreters for U.S. Programs
  • Standards of Conduct for International Program Participants
  • Visiting in the U.S.

Sample letters sent home to parents
    As a courtesy, a letter should go home with the children, giving a recap of what was done during their visit.   It would be nice if a copy of any newspaper article(s) about their visit could also be given to them.  These items should be translated into their native language.


  • Estimated Value of Donated Services -- This was put together for PR purposes.  It is helpful to know how much people have contributed to the costs of supporting a child.
  • Estimated Cost To Bring a Guest to the U.S.  -- This is to be used as a planning sheet.  Each group‚s costs will be different because of geographic location, airline carriers used, ground transportation used, etc.
  • Sponsoring Organization Directory --  Useful for all concerned with the program
  • Enrichment Program --  A special program for the children that provides a fun, meaningful and interactive curriculum. 
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