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Steps to Establishing an Organization
    This brief document provides outlines the steps needed to establish a health recuperation respite program for Chernobyl children.  If interested in exploring this possibility further, subsequent packets include:

  • Group organization materials Packet
  • Host Family Introduction Packet
  • Host Family Orientation Packet

Groups Reaching Out to Help Others!
   A listing of all known groups who are active in providing health recuperation respites for children as well as humanitarian aid, education and cultural exchanges, or medical support services to those in the Chernobyl region.  The list continues to grow as new people hear about the project.

CofCUSA - At a Glance
   A brief description of the national organization and the program initiatives it is working on.

CofCUSA Fall Conference Program
   Each Fall, CofCUSA holds a conference, moving it around the U.S. and making it easier for all groups to attend.  The enclosed programs show the diversity of topics.

Chernobyl Calendar
   This 18-month desk calendar contains pictures of the Chernobyl children taken by various groups throughout the U.S.  The descriptive text on the back of each month provides information on the children and the U.S. projects that host them.  It is an excellent educational tool as it gives a broad overview of both the consequences of Chernobyl and the American humanitarian response.

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