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The content of this packet is focused on the prospective host family. The documents provide background information on the Chernobyl children, their culture and the impact of the Chernobyl accident.  These program materials may be used as is, or modified to meet your community group‚s focus.  If modified, they should be personalized with your group‚s name/logo.

Letter of Introduction
    This letter is addressed to the prospective Host Family, encouraging them to be a part of the group and to become a host family. 

Sample Group Brochure
    Sample brochure of a community group.  A similar document  should be developed for your group. 

Introduction to the Program
    The intent of this material is to give the prospective host family enough information to understand the program before committing to it.  It includes the following:

  • general information about the children/families and their culture as well as information about the area where they live.
  • personal accounts of the Chernobyl accident and stories by children of Chernobyl
  • Host Family Policies and Procedures
  • Medical Policies

Application to be a Host Family

  • Host Family Application: This application is very comprehensive.  Hosting these children is a big responsibility and shouldn‚t be taken lightly.
  • Host Family Commitment: Host families need to clearly understood the expectations of them.
  • Background Check: Some states require that a background check for criminal activity be done on anybody who works with children.  It is a liability protection. Check out the requirements in your state.
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