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This packet emphasizes "what to do and how" with the children once they arrive.  Several aids are included for both the host family and the Chernobyl child.

Hosting an International Guest
    This material is divided into four main sections: 1) preparing for the guest(s) visit, 2) during their stay in your home, 3) preparing for their return, and 4) after they return home.   The Appendix contains a number of documents:

  • Medical Follow-up Report (bi-lingual copy) --  important to complete so that the guest‚s family will know the results of the medical/dental checkups 
  • Sample Medicine Care Package -- an example of what one group sends home with each guest. 
  • Program Evaluation form -- feedback is invaluable to the growth of the program.
  • Value of Donated Resources -- used for PR purposes.

 English-Russian Phrasebook
    This handbook serves a couple of purposes:  1) it helps the host family learn some of the phrases to better communicate with the children; and 2) it helps the children as well because the pages can be posted in the various rooms of the house as appropriate.  It may be beneficial to give a copy of the book to the children.

Welcome to America Booklet
    This bi-lingual booklet is a compilation of various items on the American lifestyle, laws, and safety issues for your guest.

Welcome to Our Home Letter
    Like the Welcome to America booklet, this document is intended as an orientation tool to help the guest integrate more easily into his/her American host family.  The family completes the English version of this letter, getting it translated before the guest‚s arrival.  This provides information on the family, their neighborhood, their expectations, places they will visit, etc. 

Familiar Food of the Chernobyl Children
    A compilation of recipes from the children‚s national cuisine.  This handbook will help host families know more about the children‚s diet and can be used to prepare familiar dishes for them during their stay in America.

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