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Text Box: Yurij PLIUSHCHEV                          




"Chernobyl: The Exclusion Zone"
Photo Exhibit

Yurij was educated at VGIK, Belarusian State Institute of Cinematography

He has worked as cameraman, director of photography of full-length feature motion pictures, mobile TV news cameraman, and photographer of documentaries. He is able to work in a creative team, and with large and small groups. He also has experience in working with AVID program.

Yurij has been awarded several medals and diplomas at international photo competitions. He has held +/- 30 personal photo exhibitions in the UK, USA, Brussels, Vilnius, Riga, Leipzig, Helsinki, Budapest and Minsk. 

He was the recipient of a grant from the US embassy in Belarus for the photo exhibition “Searching for Chernobyl” in April 2005 and from the UN for “Echo of Chernobyl” in April 2006.

Please contact Yurij directly for any inquiry regarding purchase of photos or other questions regarding opportunities to use his skills in your work or interests.

Tel.: (+7 916) 992 76 93 mobile, Russia 
+(from USA 011) 375 29 776 84 81 mobile, Belarus


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